Oh My! To date or not to date?


I’d like to offer all of you a very random moment of a personal admittance:

From time to time I indulge in Funky Dineva. Why? Because I find his thoughts and theories phenomenally insightful.

With that said, recently I came across this video which was shared with me by a close friend. She was keen of asking my thoughts on this issue. Now, before I speak on them, it’s imperative that you watch the video (if you haven’t already).

I only have one thing to say, then I will get into my own thoughts.



The unfortunate truth of my life is that I have been single for well into a decade now. Truly, it is not from lack of trying but from scarcity of quality.

Call me selective, but I need a mate that will enhance my existence, not be a detriment to it.

I have never been the sort to settle, and as it seems, in today’s society there is a growing trend of settling for less than what one is worth or what one wants.

Before I go any further, I suppose it is important to point out several facts about myself that most do not know. However, in knowing, the general public may be able to understand. Perhaps even relate.

Fact Number 1:

While my vocabulary may be expansive, that by no means implies that I am obnoxious or arrogant. On the contrary; I am a gentle soul. I am kind, understanding and bighearted. Moreover, most consider me easy to talk to.

Fact Number 2:

I am sapiosexual. Am I gay? Yes. Being gay simply does not imply that one is attracted to any man. I am solely attracted to men that stimulate my mind. In stimulating my mind, they in turn stimulate my body.

Fact Number 3:

I am not now, nor have  I ever been the needy sort. I love and appreciate my independence. As a matter of fact, I NEED IT. Due to this, I cannot be with a needy, jealous man.

Fact Number 4:

The way to my heart is by your ears. Yes, that’s correct. Not my stomach, but rather, your ears. This is to say, that a man will win me over, if he just listens to me.

No, I do not mean obey, nor do I mean that he should never speak.

What I do mean is an equal give and take of conversation and listening.


It saddens me to admit that even with the little that I require, it is still impossible to find a partner that will fit the bill. Please understand that I am very pragmatic and DO HAVE realistic expectations. I never thought of life as a fairy tale. I’ve never been one to believe in perfection either. I am willing to be with the right man for ALL of his VIRTUES AND FAULTS. What I cannot do is settle for less than I want and need. “What is that?” you might be pondering.

Well, it is the following:

A kind, caring, well spoken, intellectual man, who is neither needy, nor jealous. That is it. And, as small as this list might be, I still find it impossible to fulfill.


In recent weeks I’d started dating a man who was kind, caring, not needy or jealous, BUT was less than intelligent. This was displayed in his nonsensical form or processing information. Something which, unfortunately, led to his reacting to certain situations in an ill-advised manner. This was no fault of his, to be sure, for one cannot make intelligence bloom where the soil is effete.

Nevertheless, it played an enormous part in the fact that I am no longer seeing him. You see, at times I would speak to him on subjects of considerable importance, and he would nod his understanding. Yet, in due time, when it was time for him to act on the matter, I realized that his interpretation of what I’d said was askew. It fell extraordinarily short of what I’d actually said.

After this happened, I took some time to reflect inwardly on the past decade and my encounters with potential suitors. When I did, I realized that a trend arose.

  • Most men advertised themselves as something they were not, leading me to believe that they might be the right man for me.
  • The general public had developed an unrealistic expectation of what the dating world should be, and in the attempt to adapt to it, they created a persona that is not genuine to themselves.
  • Men like myself are in short supply. I do not say this to sound ostentatious, but as a real analysis.
  • The men I AM INTERESTED, ARE NOT interested in me, for they have their own set of expectations which, in all actuality, might never be met.

So, it is with a heavy heart and a sound mind, that I’ve come to the unfathomable conclusion that I might never find what I am looking for. Thank you Dineva, for assuring me that I am not alone in the matter.😦

Until next time,


Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity


Commencing this blog post as though in the middle of a conversation …

One of my favorite pieces from the upcoming “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” is a story I wrote called “Tyronian Rapture“.


Tyronian Rapture” is a historical LGBT Erotic Romance. Focusing on Meredith, a young white well off women who is enraptured by Regina, the black daughter of the family’s house servant.

This piece, whiles short is very powerful because of the story inside of the Erotica. This is a story of secret love which it vexed twofold; the fact that it is lesbian love, and the fact that it is also interracial love. Two times the taboo.

Please, enjoy this excerpt. I pray that you enjoy it.

Cool Text Excerpts 169573003201951

Tyronian Rapture

By: Adonis Mann

© Adonis Mann & All Authors Publishing House

line-dividerSummer 1841

Victorian England

Cherry Blossom petals from a tree procured in Japan carried adrift with the breeze, the smell of humidity and grass rode past, wafting across beautiful Regina’s face and all I could do was sit and stare. She was lovely in every sense of the limited word, for her resplendence was akin to a celestial being. An angel, to be sure. Like none I had ever laid eyes upon. She took my breath away, and I was content to let her.

Her large eyes, chocolatey. Her skin, like the finest grade of caramel. Her unwieldy, black curls pulled to the back of her head in a bun. And the conundrum lie in my desire to see them lose and entangled in my hands. A coveting more trenchant than my knowledge that it was ungodly. I was captured by my dear Regina’s beauty. Her full lips longed to be licked, while I imagined that her smooth skin and voluptuous curves yearned to be caressed.

From a distance I basked in her allurement, secretly—watching as she picked the wild flowers from the field in order to prepare a centerpiece for our dinner table for tea. If I could walk through the window ajar as a phantom, then as a phantom I would delight in her existence.

The impasse, my predilection. The penchant to fancy the reprobate. And, whilst my heart and mind remained enthralled by my point of desire, my body lay captive inside of this wretched place.

“Meredith,” Mother called, startling me from my hypnosis, Regina. Such was the effect she had on me. In my dreams I touched every inch of her exquisite dark sheath, then kissed every fraction, ensuring to not miss a spot.

“Meredith, child, come here. Must you always sit there like a proper simpleton, staring upon nothingness? Come here at once!”

“Yes mother,” I replied as I lowered my head to the ground in reverence of her heed. A curtsey followed.

“Mary, do you see this here?” Mother asked Regina’s mother, the head handmaiden of our family home. Their family had been with ours for years, therefore a trusted lot. “This child is so restless and overzealous …” Mother indirectly reprimanded, addressing Mary while speaking of me, then ending her admonition with a tsk. “Meredith, why do you trot about like a boy? ‘Tis not the proper behavior for a lady.”

My reply was a humble shrug, and the lowering of my eyes to the ground. Mother never knew when to vacate a subject, therefore continued with her vexing drivel, concluding her parlance with a “… would you please sew it, darling? Thank you.” the statement was followed by a flip of the wrist in dismissal of sweet Mary whom then left the room.

line-dividerI sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this excerpt as much as I’ve enjoyed writing the story. I pray that you are ready and willing to give “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” as shot once it is released this winter.

Until soon,


What’s Happening in my Upcoming Anthology

Greetings everyone,


Yesterday, I had a lovely conversation with my All Authors Publishing House Mentor, Queen of Spades. She’s a wonderful, wonderful mentor, and continually has great advice.

Upon speaking to her, she suggested that I start sharing a bit about my upcoming, solo work, anthology.

I know that I’ve talked at length about several of my works, but the one thing that I never really speak on is “The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity“, an anthology that is expected to be released the end of this year, and is written solely by your truly.

I’m sure you’re wondering, why such a title? Well, it is because it’s the best title that would fit this work. My short stories have a certain rhyme, rhythm and flow. They are much like music, they sync into one another creating a ravishing erotic effect, leaving behind an intense feeling of wantonness. While they are mostly catered to the LGBTQIA community, they can also easily be enjoyed by the straight community.

The way “The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” will be set up a bit differently than most anthologies available on the market today.

This book will be meant to last the reader all year long, should he/she so desire. It will also have the benefit of readers being able to go back to it time and time again.

I will be incorporating 12 stories; 3 for each season of the year. This will give the reader the benefit of enjoying the book a great many ways:

  • By reading it all at once; devouring the intensity in one sitting.
  • Perhaps, reading one story a month, so as to make it last all year.
  • Reading the stories during the seasons with which they correspond.
  • Nostalgically reading a story catered to one season, while being in another.

Or a great many other ways—whatever toots the reader’s horn, if you will.

Here are some of the titles that will be found in “The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity“.

Winter: Prismatic Slumber

Spring: Metamorphosis

Summer: Tyronian Rapture

Fall: Her Seductions


Well, now that you have an idea of what “The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” is about, be on the look out for more information on the collection, and of course, the pending Winter Release.

Until next time my wonderful followers.


Book Release by Y. Correa



Today we are celebrating the release of the 2nd installment in the Earth 8-8-2 Saga, “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion“.

To celebrate this release, it’s imperative to share with you the concept of birth of the Saga.

DeepBlueDividerIn 2014 Y. Correa was preparing a concept for the then “soon to be released” Concordant Vibrancy: Unity. Being that Y. Correa is a Multi-genre author, who’s an immense lover of Science Fiction and the theme of that anthology was unity, Y thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to unify genres and various fictional beings?

Instantly the premise of the Earth 8-8-2 Saga was born. Part Science Fiction, part Paranormal and part Dark Drama, the Earth 8-8-2 Saga encompasses the life of a being which was created to be the Savior of Earth 882’s Mankind. Traversing parallel universes, multiple earths and various lifeforms, the Earth 8-8-2 Saga tells that tale of Genesis, a being which is a hybrid of an 882 Earthling, vampire, goddess and superhuman.

In the first installment, “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project”, Y. Correa lays the foundation for the saga by telling the tale of Genesis’ creation.

In this NEWLY RELEASED installment, “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion”, Y. Correa further elaborates on Genesis’ enterprise to obtain reprisal.

IMG_0373cooltext182350479929388Chapter 2

The beeping sound which resounded amidst the silence of the scarcely occupied room did nothing to alert anyone, for those there were already at attention. Endeavors such as these were bound to have an audience.

Three sets of eyes peered into the mammoth glass, liquid filled container that housed Project Armageddon (Code Name: Experiment Eight-eight-two-dash-five-point-one); General Townsen’s, Doctor Theodor Belt’s and Acinom Zenit’s. The tank: a matrix created to nourish and sustain Project Armageddon—grow and strengthen it to its fullest capacity.

Acinom pushed a button then flipped a switch on the rotundus supercomputer which covered over half the wall and the sound ceased.

“Acinom,” called Doctor Belt, his voice raised, as though she were in another room, “check his pulse.” Acinom’s eyes shrank to slivers, the disdain of being yelled at pestered her.

“Yes, Doctor.” Acinom reached over, pushing another button which caused a spectacle of waves and numbers to appear on the computer screen in front of them. “Normal, Doctor.” she concluded.

“Good, good.” responded the happy Doctor.

Before any more hoopla could transpire, General Townsen trumped the tangible glee in the room, his voice filled with animosity. “How much longer before Experiment Eight-eight-two-dash-five-point-one is activated?” the dryness in his tone leaving much to be desired. Acinom frowned then squinted; chomping at the bit to put him in his place, although that was not necessarily her place.

Doctor Belt interjected, “Well Commander,” he walked towards the titanic, rectangular, transparent glass cistern which had a wide array of tubes and mechanisms affixed to it, and placed his hand on the glass, as though attempting to touch his creation. “It shouldn’t be much longer.” The gleam in Doctor Belt’s eyes was akin to a maniacal scientist basking in the glory of his creation—mad and euphoric. Doctor Belt pressed his forehead to the glass and shut his eyes, then released a long sigh of gratification.

Inside the immense vessel, attached to innumerable contraptions, floated the inanimate body of being liken to an Earth 8-8-2 man, but not.

General Townsen huffed his satisfaction, turned, pivoting like a soldier about to march, and left the room.

DeepBlueDividerFor a limited time only, you get can get “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project” FREE on Kindle!

But … don’t delay!





Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion Blog Tour

cooltext182436207808620Greetings Followers!

In recent days I spoke to author Y. Correa about her project entitled, “The Earth 8-8-2 Saga”. At that time I was interested in getting her feedback about the main character, Genesis. I asked her a question and she responded. Here is what she said.


The Question:

Genesis is a hybrid being who was created from the DNA of 4 various creatures; 882 human, vampire, goddess and superhuman. Why these beings, and what are the sum of her abilities? And, if she is so powerful, what then, are her weaknesses?

The Answer:

Adonis, this is a wonderful question, and I am really happy you asked it.

The purpose of Genesis is to free Earth 882 from the tyranny of its oppressors. Science on Earth 882 is more evolved than our earth, and they have discovered a great many things. Two of them, are the ability to travel within parallel earths, and (thanks to Doctor Frederick Scott) the ability to mix the DNA of various earthlings.

For those who do not know the foundation of The Earth 8-8-2 Saga, each earth has its own type of earthling, not all of them human per se.

With Earth 882’s ability to traverse realms to other earths, its astronauts acquired DNA from several lifeforms. The idea was to unify these lifeforms to create a super-being that they could then train to be their savior. This is done via the feat of an underground military organization called “The Rebellion”.

The result of this experiment is Genesis.

Genesis, however, has unparalleled powers—the strengths of every being that equate her makeup, with none of their weaknesses. Here is a clip from “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project” which speaks a bit on Genesis’ abilities.

Genesis, was a rarity indeed. Elusive and fascinating. She continually baffled her caretakers with her milestones and triumphs. At four months of age, she was as big and intelligent as a four year old child. Every month for Genesis was one human year.

Currently, she demonstrated absolute genius, extraordinary strength, exceptional agility, abysmal speed, as well as maximum supernatural talents. Some of which included, the ability to raise her voice to a volume beyond reason, the power to control natural elements, telepathy, and unfathomable strength.

Of course, Genesis’ powers have matured with age, and in the 2nd installment, we will see more of what she can do. Yet … with all of this, Genesis actually dose have a weakness, albeit not a physical one. Genesis’ weakness is her emotions. She IS, in fact, part human. So human emotions beg to contradict her very essence, that of a GOD among men. Like no other, and more than all.


WOW! THAT, I must say, is amazing! For those of you whom have not read the first installment of The Earth 8-8-2 Saga, you will be able to get it FREE for a limited time, from Tuesday May 17th, until Saturday May 21st. HOWEVER, do not miss out on the release of book 2, “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion” coming on on MAY 17TH, 2016.

Here is the trailer.

Incidental Musings …

Greetings my beloveds,

I suppose, today’s blog post will be more of a “thinking out loud” type of thing, as opposed to my usual targeted thoughts, sort of post. Truth be told, lately I’ve been doing more thinking and less writing. Be that for good or bad, I’ve yet to determine.

I do give fair warning, however, you may not necessarily be entertained by anything that I have to say today, as most of these thoughts aren’t aimed towards any one individual or incident.


I often wonder, Why the intentionally-unintentional competition between writers?


Please, do understand that I could very well be wrong, or misreading the signals that are being put out in the universe. Nevertheless, the question begs further analysis, and perhaps YOU can help me come to a more finite conclusion.

In recent days I came across a very new publication whose title will remain unsaid so as to not offend any readers/authors.

Said publication was a very, very similar story to the premise of “50 Shades of Grey“, the well known Bondage/Domination fictional tale by E.L. James. Much prior to this, in many occasion I stumbled upon myriad a story which were variations of “The Twilight Saga” by Stephenie Meyer.

This got me to thinking if the author that writes the story, which mimics the original, is truly “flattering” the authentic author—as in, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery“—or is doing something else entirely?

Does the secondary author believe that his/her story can outrank the success of the first? Do they, perchance, believe that their rendition of the story will be better than the authentic narrative?

This is a perplexing idea to me. Perhaps it is because I yearn to be original. I desire, more than anything, to tell my own stories and not recycle tales that have already been told too many times to count.

On one occasion many moons ago—several years now, in fact—I was on Twitter and I noticed a tweet that read, and I quote (keeping the book title anonymous, of course) “Blank story kicks ‘shimmery vampires’ ass. Twilight has NOTHING on Blank.” Then there was a link provided to Amazon. Upon clicking on the link, I read some of the reviews written of this book that claimed to be so much better than the Twilight Saga, and what I saw astonished me. Readers were complaining about how poorly written said book was, and how the claim to fame that it professed was a hoax.

Immediately, I pondered on if that author even took the time to edit her book, or just jumped the gun to publish it because her family member read it and said, “Hey Missy, this book kicks Twilight’s ass”, so the author ran with it.

I find that, universally speaking, not everyone is going to love your story. Yet, I cannot understand the reasoning behind, “I can tell this story better than you“. So, is in fact imitation the sincerest form of flattering, or is it a silent competition to prove something?


Some weeks ago I was dared to check my email every day. In keeping to my word, I’ve done just that. Why is this relevant at all? Well, because the person whom dared me to check my email every day wanted to see if there were things that I perhaps was missing do to my weekly check.

What I’ve found is interesting …

I’ve been checking my email every day, at least once a day, and in all actuality I haven’t been missing much of anything. This might have something to do with that fact that I haven’t had much writing activity as of late. I did notice that when I was in the middle of writing projects that the email flow was more voluminous. Yet, now that things have simmered down some, the email flow has also slowed down.

One thing that I have realized though, in keeping true to the task, is that I’ve now gotten in the habit of checking it. So, in all fairness, I do believe that’s a good trade off. It helps keep me in the loop of things.


Speaking of writing …

As most of you whom follow me know, I’ve been working on my short story compilation which I’ve dubbed “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” after my catchphrase.

In recent weeks I’ve opted to help a friend of mine—who is a single mother of an autistic child—with babysit her child on the weekends as she works during that time. While I adore her and her child, I’ve realized that in having to care for him, it’s impacted my productivity in writing. I’m finding it truly hard to concentrate and produce anything of substance during this time. I honestly want to continue to assist her in this fashion, but I need to find a balance between caring for him and producing quality works for my upcoming anthology, for if I do not, I fret that I might not release the book.


Authors helping authors …

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I am all for helping other authors in cross promoting. Yet, what happens when people you network with vouch for someone who, in the end, dose not comply with you?

I’m not certain if that thought makes any sense, but I am of the mind that explaining is better than telling.

Recently, an author who networks with my Publisher released a book. My Publisher reached out to the lot of us to ask if we’d be interested in helping him spread the word about his upcoming release in the form of a Blog Tour. I offered my assistance, and immediately sent said person a question (yes … just one) for him to answer so that I could post something about his upcoming work. The man in question never responded. Yet, because I am a person of my word, I still posted the announcement of his book release.

Is that fair? Is it right that I attempt to offer a helping hand, yet the person whom I’m offering it to does not comply and still I help? What is to say that in a moment when I need the cross promotion, this very same person will come through? I doubt that he will.


How does one garner a name for oneself when all one has to offer is short stories and anthology participation? I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this. I am not a novel writer. It’s just not my forte. Everyone has their gifts, and novel writing is simply not one of mine. My gifts lie in short story writing. Yet, without a novel of my own to showcase, how then do I tell the world about what I do?

It seems to me that short story writing is among the hardest type of writing to promote (along side poetry). Perhaps one of the reasons is because most people do not consider short story writing an actual art form. Perhaps, it’s because word count is more valued than substance. I cannot say for sure. Yet, the conundrum exists. How can I share my art, when art like mine isn’t valued as such?


Hmmm … I do believe that I’ve gotten everything that I’ve wanted to get off of my chest, off of it. LOL.😀

Please, if you can relate at all, do not hesitate to share your thoughts. I would love to hear from any of you on any one of these subjects.

All the best,


Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion Cover Reveal

cooltext179275085889959Dear Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons,

Cheers and welcome to this Cover Reveal Celebration of Multigenre Author Y. Correa’s next installment to the Earth 8-8-2 Saga.

The first book, “Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project” marked the commencement of a Sci-Fi Mashup of epic proportion.


Erath882CoverCould Science Serve as Salvation?

One-fourth Human.
One-fourth God.
One-fourth Superhuman.
One-fourth Vampire.

For Dr. Scott, the combined strengths of each life form represent the answer to the onslaught of malice and tyranny plaguing his Earth. When his creation—Genesis—begins developing, the lines between scientist and father become blurred. Soon the time approaches where Genesis is expected to fulfill her purpose. Does she go along willingly, or will her rapid evolution obliterate everyone’s best laid plans?

In the newest installment, “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion” Author Y. Correa endeavors to start where the last one ended and continue the adventure that is the Earth 8-8-2 Saga.



What happens when Science’s Instrument of Salvation blazes her own path?

In the second installment of the Earth 8-8-2 saga, Genesis is heartbroken, disillusioned, but most of all … angry: angry that she has no say-so in the narrative of her own purpose. In the absence of choice, the only response that makes sense is rebellion.

As Genesis elicits the intensity of her powers, General Townsen must act quickly to develop a counterbalance to this previous experiment gone askew. Will the General’s army rise effectively against this unlikely nemesis, or will all see the literal overtures of what occurs when powers that be attempt to regulate true evolution?

bronze_beaded_divider___design_png_by_jssanda-d6arclnNow, without further ado, we are pleased to present you with the cover of “Earth 8-8-2: Genesis’ Rebellion”.